Slave Revolts

Resistance by slaves, fugitives, and free blacks

  • Christiana Riot

o   Scuffle between heavily armed free blacks protecting fugitives from Maryland master in Pennsylvania

  • Underground Railroad

o   Harriet Tubman (Black Moses) was a Maryland fugitive slave who made 2 dozen trips into the south to rescue slaves


  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe  cover22

o   Book condemning slavery

o   Sold 300,000 copies in 1 year

  • Blake by black abolitionist Martin Delany

o   Story of African American who chooses to rebel violently rather than submit like Uncle Tom

o   Blake murders a white slave owner to make escape

o   This story terrified white slave owners

  • White southerners responded by writing their own accounts of slavery and southern life

o   Happy, carefree, gently cared for, and taught Christianity