Texas elected Sam Houston their first President.  He asked the US to annex Texas!

  • Northern reaction to request was not positive.  They did not want another slave state to enter the US

Election of 1844 and the Expansion Issue

  • James K. Polk-
      • Jacksonian Democratic candidate from Tennessee who supported southern expansion into Texas
  • Henry Clay-
      • Whig candidate who opposed annexation of Texas
  • Who won and why???
      • Polk won because he believed the north would support annexation of Texas if they got their own reward.
      • He promised the north that he would acquire the Oregon territory from Great Britain if elected.


Polk Compromise on Oregon-

  • Agreement with Britain- There was a compromise with GB.  Instead of the US acquiring all of the Oregon territory, it was split at the 49th latitude line
    • The future states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho would come from this land
  • Reason for Compromise- Polk compromised with GB because he could not afford (financially or militarily) to fight two wars at the same time.  A war with both Mexico and GB would not be wise.
    • Polk preferred to fight a weak Mexico rather than GB



Texas entered the Union as a slave state in December 1845. The question was the border with Mexico.  Where was it???