Presidency of JQ Adams

Election of 1824

  • Monroe did not run for a 3rd term
  • 4 Democratic Republicans ran for President

o   John Quincy Adams (Massachusetts)

o   William Crawford (Georgia)

o   Andrew Jackson (Tennessee)

o   Henry Clay (Kentucky)

Jackson won popular vote…but not high enough majority in Electoral College

House of Representatives elected John Quincy Adams after Henry Clay gave his support to Adams

John Quincy Adams

o   Adams made Clay his Secretary of State which was questioned


Jackson continued to question Adams throughout his Presidency

  • believed his program was “aristocratic and favored wealthy”
  • the common man was left out

Jackson also accused John Quincy Adams of a corrupt bargain with Henry Clay in order to win the election.

                        • the accusation of the corrupt bargain followed Henry Clay throughout the rest of his political career
                        • There is no concrete evidence of collusion but the suspicion was well known

Closed door caucuses were being replaced by more public conventions to determine candidate support