Railroads, Steamships, & Canals

The war with Great Britain was an event that increased American’s feelings of national pride and unity

  • period of growth and renewed nationalism
  • expanding markets
  • thriving industry and business


Early 1800s was a revolution in the way people lived and worked


Improved transportation and technology changed the US


National Road went from Maryland to Ohio River in West Virginia in 1818

  • This was the only decent road

trans 1800

Robert Fulton designed the first commercial steamboat (Clermont) in 1807

  • easier to travel against current
  • New Orleans to Louisville was 4 months
  • In 1820 – 20 days
  • In 1838 – 6 days


There were 230 steamboats in 1834 and 700 in 1843


By 1850, steamships could cross the Atlantic in 10-14 days




Major developments in transportation between 1800 and 1860

  • better roads
  • steam powered ships and boats
  • canals linking New York City to the Great Lakes
  • Railroads were incredibly important


Developments in technology led to developments in manufacturing