The Fight

Military Events – War of 1812


Americans invaded Canada – unsuccessful embarrassment

Britain invaded US from Canada – unsuccessful

War of 1812 map


Indian fights in the South when the Creek Indians attacked Fort Mims.

  • Andrew Jackson as major general of the Tennessee militia had 2000 voluteers who crushed the Creeks in March 1814 at the Tallapoosa River (Battle of Horseshoe Bend)

o   Creeks signed Treaty of Fort Jackson which gave 2/3 of their land to the US, including part of Georgia and most of Alabama


British Blockade of US ports


British invasion

  • Chesapeake Bay – Washington DC captured – yikes!
  • Washington DC –

o   White House, Capitol, and most Govt buildings burned

o   Tornado the next day added to the damage to the city but the violent thunderstorm put out the fires and weakened the British

  • Ft. McHenry – Baltimore, Maryland

o   Francis Scott Key wrote Star Spangled Banner