War Hawks

Mr. Madison’s War

Henry Clay - War Hawk
Henry Clay – War Hawk


Efforts at Peace

o   3 years tried to protect American shipping

 War Hawks

o   Strong nationalists (mostly from the West)

o   Typically younger generation that came of age after the Revolution

o   Denounced impressments and GB support of Indians

o   Wanted war to restore national honor

o   Primarily from the South and West

o   John Calhoun (Representative from South Carolina)
Henry Clay (Speaker of House from Kentucky

o   Wanted war to acquire new territory in Canada and Florida

o   Remove European powers from our borders and deprive Indians of weapons

John C. Calhoun - War Hawk
John C. Calhoun – War Hawk
1812 – declaration of war by Congress

o   Vote for war was actually very close (House 79-49 and Senate 19-13)

o   US was disunited and militarily unprepared to go to war with a major world power

o   The Bank charter had expired in 1811 and the northern merchants and bankers refused to loan money to finance the war

South and West – favored war
Northeast – opposed to war